Sunday, February 24, 2008

CUET Workshop

The weekend went on in its own way without giving me any sort of control on it. But this time I didn't mind.
So much ups and downs happened that I wont forget it...Well I hope so but cant give any guaranty for it. ;)
The train journey from Dhaka to Chittagong was joss. That night was really nice....nice to see...nice to enjoy
The first day of workshop was nice before my presentation session on that day.
Honestly speaking, I wasn't happy in any sense about the way I gave my presentation on shell scripting. The slides were not bad. The content was good. I spent sometime for making them . But may be because of tiredness for not sleeping at all the night before that day or perhaps being interrupted 2/3 times by someone during my presentation, I couldn't give the young guys 100% according my plan. But besides this, I am happy that one guy personally talked with me and showed his interest on shell scripting. Thanks Allah. Something is better than nothing :)
Personally, I cant be happy until I m convinced that I make technical stuffs crystal clear for ppl to understand it 100%. Anyway...
After my presenation I wasn't in a good shape mentally...But when we did a trip of CUET campus by bus the shape changed again :) The campus is nice..beautiful..amazing. The photo session using A-man's camera was joss along with our teammates & off course with Tareq bhai. Btw, Tareq bhai is my boss :)
The shape changed again at late night..I couldnt push myself to sleep that night. Man....what a bullshit night that was. So much stupid and unfortunate I was...couldn't sleep for two nights in a row :(
I was in two minds whether I would go to CUET again or catch any thing like bus ..train etc. for returning Dhaka in the morning 1st hour. I did the first one and thanks Allah...the shape changed again. We passed so lively so energetic day that It's difficult even for a ppl having 256 RAM like me to forget it ;)
Thanks A-man...U r just great (Btw dont forget abt my fees, A-man ;)) Thanks all other guys like Adnan, Yaffi (Pardon me If misspelled) ...thank you guys. We did something that day which deserves a party :D
I am happy on my presentation on AJAX. I love AJAX..I m so passionate abt it. This time my love & my passion didn't betray with me. I think this time I did better than shell script stuffs ;)
Btw, Shahnur bhai is a nice man.
The return from CUET to ctg town was nice...nice session...nice guys around me.
It made a guy like me to sing in public...(well , although I m a good bathroom singer) The students with us in the bus like ......... Damn my memory leaks again :( Anyway, sorry but nice bus journey.